Still need to work off a few of those holiday pounds?

Well NYU has some cute exercise gear including a tee shirt (not shown). Pink, navy and red are the accent colors with white showing off that Bermuda tan that is likely fading by now.

Find the gacha at The Guardians.

Hair: TUKINOWAGUMA Aozora available at Tres Chic.

Yoga props by Cheeky Pea, exercise ball by Pilot

Poses by: the ball and elephant poses

All About the Pose

girl and guitar

I always credit the pose makers in my posts. I know that we cannot make a avatar based picture without them. Still, and even though I make poses and animations, I sometimes really don't pay that much attention to that important link in the creative process.

I have maybe five hundred poses that I have kept over ten years. Some I know the names by heart; some are almost as old as I am and good friends in their own way.

But when I get impressed, I DO get impressed and this new to me pose maker had me shaking my head in a wake up and smell the roses sort of way.

Not only is this EMOZIONE  **All Those Moments!** BENTO a fantastic pose, it fits me. Now that might not seem like much but I am very hard to fit and many, many poses do not work. It takes time and knowledge to make a pose that will fit most people. I know as that is part of my criteria when I make mine.

The pose comes on a high tech rezzer base which has a hide function. While you can adjust the pose BEFORE hiding, silly me -- I skipped that. So I used my hover height controls and that worked just fine. There is also that show transparent to find the base if you lose it; I did among the grasses -- again, silly me. But I DID get a lovely shot and we all know that's the important thing!

There are other poses in this Cosmopolitan release that I have yet to explore, so you may be seeing some others in the near future.

Other Cosmopolitan Event releases in this post include:

[Canimal] Hayden shirt and skirt with color huds are casual attire for the country but keep that girlie part of the equation.

Ricielli's REYNA Boots can pair with skirts or pants with ease. Lots of pretty colors, these are a great basic for your wardrobe.

My hair is a new release from no.match, no religion. It features a fun oversized side pony tale. Find it at On9.

The fireoven by Mushilu, a great addition to your rustic outdoor setting. Find it at Tres Chic tomorrow.

Collar (gift) by fame femme from awhile back.

Pose by: EMOZIONE and Di's Opera



A new backdrop blending light, color and shapes is out from Paparazzi.  Heartbeat comes in various color combos of lighting. This is style 4.

Simple but dramatic the shapes and tones combine to push those creative block cobwebs aside; a perfect place to have some fun with light and shadow.

My attire is fittingly dramatic.

From JF Design, the "Juliana" Mini Dress (Maitreya and Belleza fits) available in many striking hues.

From G&D Shoes Lara Metalized with color hud  (Maitreya, Belleza and Slink fits).

From amias, the TILLY 2 necklace which comes rigged for Maitreya as well as unrigged. Three choices of coin colors can be found.

Find them all at Cosmopolitan.

Remember those pretty sparkles from yesterday -- the ones on the MEVA outfit for Epiphany?

I bet you thought they were part of the fabric. But no, they are add-ons (and rares) coming in gold, silver and copper.  The great thing is that they not only look great with the outfit they were designed for -- they can double as body jewelry with other stylings. Here, I added the copper glitter for the left leg. It really shows off -- well, my legs!

Hair by Dela
Skin also by amias
Makeup by alaskametro

Poses by: Artis and Di's Opera

Earth Elements

Earth Elements

Three fresh releases come together for this dramatic photo.

From MEVA for The Epiphany, some items from the Conny set. As you would imagine there are many more colors as well as a half jacket.

From eXxEsS a pretty updo, Sahara, with side and back whispy tendrils.

And the striking landforms in the background are part of a large set designed for full sim installations. A mossy green version as well as a fatpack containing both are also available. Find them at the ChiC buildings pad -  Cosmopolitan.

Bracelets were a gift from Kunglers this last year and likely no longer available.

Makeup by alaskametro.

Poses by: aDORKable

Classic Spa Set by Lucas Lameth

Classic Spa Set

I am tardy showing you parts of the new Spa Set release by Lucas Lameth. But smart shoppers will head over to Cosmopolitan before SL eve when this rounds items turn into pumpkins in that Cinderella manner to make way for new items on Monday.

I especially love the wall art!

Very very pretty and oh so classy.

Freebie Saturday - Three

all free but ONE body

It's the weekend again and time for timely free stuff. STUFF is the word today as the clothing items featured are all part of the "stuff" hunts.

But let's back up a bit. The tagline for this post could easily be -- everything free but the car.

NOTE Saturday Afternoon:  The car that had been there for several days was replaced and while there is still a free car, it is not this stellar car (sorry if you weren't speedy enough). The new gift is only 51 land impact but missing all the great detailing that I showed in the photos.  (Thanks to a reader for reporting.)

HOWEVER, the actual tag line is everything free but the mesh body on the right :D. Yep, the car is free for all for $0. Now see why you should be watching this blog? 

So just be patient a bit and let's talk about the Stuff Hunts. There are five going on at present. We skipped the kids hunt and the pose hunt only had six folks some with just one pose as the prize (???) so they won't get much coverage.

However, I am pleased to report that there were plenty of great things to pick up. The hunt includes landmarks to the next stop in the prize you pick up. There is also a website with both hints and teleport buttons. YOU WILL NEED BOTH as some are correct on the website and others not and the reverse is true (with some actually in the hunt now but not listed on the website).

Since many of you are intrepid hunters I have no worry. Only a few color coded  shirts required stellar camming skills. Note that many stores are in more than one hunt so make sure you aren't buying mens or kids if you are looking for gal-wear.

Here is the lowdown of new goodies in this post:


~EccentriciXi~ Jacket Chilly -  Purple  worn with
~EccentriciXi~ Leggings Dee Darks

many sizes including eBody as shown


RGDW - Mesh Men's Coat with Sweater - Tweed - Fitted Mesh


!!! Lune~Bleue Frost Play
Skirt and tank are one garment; car coat another

Now for the car.

Absolutely gorgeous with outstanding details. I didn't drive it since I actually wanted it for a prop. Good LODs (so many cars do NOT have this and fall apart visually which will not work in a filming and photography sim :D).

There is a caveat. The car is 110 land impact. If you have the prims -- or simply want to drive on public roads, this is an amazing gift.


Poses by: aDORKable, Diesel works and Amitie

Tea House


The quiet calm of nature.

From 22769,  the Tea Ceremony gacha at The Guardians.  The tea house is especially lovely with creamy textures and soft edges.

From Pacagaia Creations, the Aiko Kimono with three texture hud, the free group gift for January. Slink, Belleza, Maitray and eBody (including eBody curvy).


Pose by: LAP [nla]

The Inevitability of Change

templemore nevermore

Nothing stays the same. We know that, but it is easy to forget.

With some lovely new wardrobe additions I ventured over to one of my favorite photo locales, Templemore.  I am not sure how long it has been gone; I know it has been awhile, an undeleted landmark a reminder. Still arriving at a barren landscape was daunting -- and yet somehow beautiful. So I took these pictures in memory of the past and those that will not be taken in the future.

The Baiastice Inez Dress with optional roses comes in many lovely solid hues. Find it at COLLABOR88.

And from Vanity Hair, a long straight style with tiny braids reminiscent of the 60s. Find "Sunkissed" at On9.

KUNGLERS Simone set includes earrings and is available in several gemstone colors. Find it too at On9.

Makeup by alaskametro; Wytch

Poses by: Nantra

Wooden Wonders

Wooden Wonders

Two really fun new items out in woods!

From [InsurreKtion] at The Chapter Four a big gacha set of artists dummies doin' their thang!   Nine regular, four uncommons (single figure lamps) and one rare (shown) in all. A hud let's you change wood tones, shadows, access and lamps when available.  Super fun!

And from Sway's [Word Game] Wall art collection. Find a variety of themes at The Liaison Collaborative.


Steamy Lab

Now these items aren't designated "steampunk" but put them all together  and I am getting a little steamy.
Here's the info.

At The Chapter Four:

From Never Totally Dead, the Mysterious Laboratory gacha -- packed full of wondrous items! There is also a laboratory (well of course there is) as a rare. There is a larger table than shown here as part of the set.

From Valentina E. Elle Military Jacket gacha with lots of fun styles.

From Pr!tty the prettiest ever mid length hair, one of all sort of variations on a style to win. This is pr!tty - Dakota - :rigged: - [Half Down] :Fades: with Bangs 1

Over at Cosmopolitan you can find these new Leggins from MEVA along with a fantastic belt with texture change for all parts -- hence the ease it was to match the belt with my jacket!  

My boot also hale from Cosmo. The **Dirty Princess** Snow Job Princess Boots are also fully customizable by color hud. 

Makeup by alaska metro

Poses by  the laboratory chair and Di's Opera

Freebie Saturday - Two

This week's freebie Saturday takes us around the grid and adds a couple of tips.

On Xia (left) from Gacha Guardians (free group) a


[JUSTICE] LIZA EARRINGS - COPPER / / BLACK / LEFT (many color combos in the pack)

pr!tty - Kyla rigged hair with a variety of color huds

And from {Poeme} Pueblo Fringed Suede Bag (Shadow) dollarbie

On Bee, a super cute club dress from Beautiful Dirty Rich  as a dollarbie. Many colors by hud and many fits including standard sizing.

While you are there be sure and look at the group gifts which are very nice.

There is a nice BIG pack of bento poses as a gift at LB A&R haven place.

Bee's hair is free from Besom (featured last week).

And as of this writing 7 Deadly S[k]ins group is free to join and there is a $400 gift voucher as the group gift this month.

Poses by: ChiC buildings and yuiyui

Vintage - FLF

vintage heater FLF {what next}

Out for Fifty Linden Friday at {what next} a vintage space heater with oh so many colors to choose from via hud. So cute!

I plopped this lovely down in a "sound stage" that I was working on this morning. MOSP is returning with lots of great photo op spots and 20 minute rez times -- perfect for photographers, bloggers and of course filmmakers (the M for machinima).

My locale could definitely be vintage, back in the day when going to the gym was THE thing and gym bunnies had better outfits than many runway models *wink*. Yes, I was there, three hours a day -- but not in bunny mode.

Other credits include the Work It sign from [Since1975] at Gacha Guardians, lots of yoga mats from Cheeky Pea (ancient but still looking good) and some photogenic bamboo from Dysfunctional Designs (old and likely not available).

soundstage 3 - Machinima Open Studio Project

The sound stage building is in pre-release form as I am concentrating on set design this month. It may or may not make it into the retail world. {what next} golf carts out front.

Tubbing by Moonlight

Tubbing by Moonlight

A soothing tub is part of my daily ritual. A gentle breeze with just a hint of chill, bubbles and rose petals.

Ah, luxury.

From Trompe Loeil, the Nicolina Bathing Tub and Pavillion. A perfect pairing, you can find them at FaMESHed.

From pr!tty  at Gacha Guardians - Chae , a long and casual style.

Poses by: the tub



Now I am an eclectic gal. If it looks good, I like it.

There are a few things I shy away from; piercings for one. There is a story here so I am going to be chatty and share -- simply because folks seem to like my chatty "sharing" posts -- and I love to type. *wink*.

I have been in the Gimme Gacha events for a little while now. They are fun and lucrative for me. I enjoy making "sets" of things with "themes". While not a gacha PLAYER I am definitely an enthusiastic gacha MAKER.

A few days ago in group chat I saw Marcus Inkpen asking how the --- to get to the Guardians. He was much more polite than my texts suggests, there was no "---" in his question as I remember it. The Gimme Gacha events are a little tricky the first time, I remember well. Even if you read the instructions (I did; Marcus apparently did not LOL) it can be an adventure. After that? They are pros over there.

Anyway, I was SO THRILLED to see he would be in the event. I of course perused his offerings and they were lovely. I was excited.

Now venues have different rules for "blogger boxes". Some send them out via a subscription box, other give them out in group, others have them on the walls to be taken with group tags, etc. etc.  Gimme Gacha has what the owner calls "kindergarten rule" (I love that). IF you SHARE; you can TAKE.

I rarely put my items up in the blogger room. I am willing to share certainly, but making a blogger box with scripted items with animations is complex and takes time and is NOT fun (for me anyway). Lots of changes; lots of testing.  When I went over to see what was in the blogger room, I spyed the box from The Looking Glass.

Well, I bit the bullet and redid ten pose props JUST so I could put my offering up and grab this set. I admit it!

Now my title suggests a variety in this set -- and that is definitely the case. There is fantasy, vintage, occult, some gorgeous mouthwatering woodwork -- and a boom box.

Yes, REALLY!  I honestly had to laugh at that. It is a gorgeous boombox, but still -- funny.

I have started rebuilding the Machinima Open Studios Project this week. It will be houses at LEA6 -- next door to LEA7, its previous home. I am two days in and things are looking great. An all new build from its predecessors (this is MOSP 3.0).  As happenstance would have it I was thinking about Marcus yesterday as I moved around some brambles he had made and donated to MOSP long ago. These are PRIM (that tells you how old they are) and still looking great. Longevity is a wonderful feature in a product.

So --- if any of this looks like YOU, be sure and venture over to the Gacha Guardians and find The Looking Glass stand.

My attire is from the same event, and surprise ---- it is a gift. Three colors by hud in standard sizing. Look for the BrokenStyle kiosk!

I have a big post of gifts from the event coming this Saturday. My friend Xia will be the star since every time I opened a box I said to myself, "this looks just like Xia". That was an easy choice.

Until tomorrow or so ---

Hair by EMO-tions

Pose by: Helamiyo

Andrew -- or Andi

zk Andres

I titled my post as such because as I was changing from Chic to "manChic" I noted that this works quite nicely as  Tomboy or Androgen attire. That may have certainly flavored my finished styling which turned out to be a tad on the femboy side.  Y Chromosome he men need never fear. Different accessories and you would look as manly as needed :D.

This is a very interesting release, not only for it's ability to span genders (there are of course no BREASTS inherent in this one piece fitmesh garment).  One size fits all is pretty much the deal which means it works with all those non-supported mesh bodies like the current free altamura all in one male body (previously featured a few times).

Various jacket tones are available and with them comes a hud to change pants and shirt in a variety of colors and some patterns. This is an easy garment to wear. The altamura body is free (well $10 group) and also about the easiest to use I have seen. Put them together and it could be makeover time for you or you favorite "oh he SO needs a new look" friend.

The -:zk:- ZaraKent Shoes & Accessories Andrew set is available at Cosmopolitan. The outfit comes with long pants or with short pants to push into the Andres boots which I featured a few days ago.

Accessories include:

Petite Mort- Boho scarf w/HUD FITMESH

This was the first time I have used the altamura facial pose hud (comes free with body) and I was very impressed.

Photo taken at Neverfar.

Pose by: Diesel Works [nla]