Advent Day 16

Today's Advent highlight is a different take on the traditional holiday colors and so perfectly Sami I had to smile. Find it at PurpleMoon.

And I would say that my "dusty alt" makeover is pretty complete with the addition of a recent WoW skin from their calendar.

The cute Bento pose is from CNZ at the eBento Advent Calendar.

Poses by: LAP and CNZ

That Tree at Cosmo

Sequel - Snowy Shadowbox

Many of us have visited the Cosmopolitan tree in years past. I have to say this year is looking like designers are intent on outdoing their history of great gifts.

I did not add to the Cosmo bounty this year. Somehow thirty or so gifts seemed like enough from "my brand" LOL.  But I will definitely be going over to pick up some of the lovely gifts.

Meanwhile here is a tip on the Cosmo tree -- a lesson learned from other years. Stockings get added to the tree daily for some time. What frequently happens is that you end up grabbing and opening items you already have in inventory. Not all that much fun.

Sami came up with a very smart idea, one that seems so very obvious I am not sure why "I" didn't think about it. AFTER you are sure you have a copy of the New Gift in inventory, simply derender and blacklist the stocking (third party viewers only). Then you will only see items that you haven't picked up. Repeat as needed.

Some folks of course will wait until all the gifts are out and that works too :D.

Home and garden seemed to be the stars of today with even a building in the mix. But there was also a lovely set of heels with color change hud as well as some REALLY pretty earrings ^^.  Just not enough for a cohesive outfit to photograph.

Here is your taxi. You will need a free group tag if you don't have one already.

Note that a few creators have their stockings set to the wrong group meaning "I" could pick them up LOL (and I might just to do that) with my designer tag, but "fans" have to wait until they figure out their mistake.

Patience is good.


Hop and Shop Holiday

If you picked up those lovely "rust" bow heels from Essenz,  Barcelona, last month and need a perfect pairing partner -- the Hop & Shop gift from Canimal fits the bill.

Actually since there is a color change hud for both dress and boy, you have options (white and green also).

And while you are hopping and shopping those three sims (smart folks got in early before the announcement LOL) be sure and peek in the Lapointe &
 BastChild Design shop and find these "Frost" Hoop Earrings -- with texture change options.  Pick your hue!

And if a more casual look is what you are after, the gift top from JUSTICE will likely fit the bill. There is also a nicely made black tee shirt for the guys!

Follow the Destination Guide to find 60 shops with sales and gifts.

Trousers by MYNX and called {MYNX} Trousers  :D.

Hair: antique and nla

Poses by: ChiC buildings "Final Exit" pose prop (releasing in January)